The West Marches

A Brief Excursion Through the Border Woods

Where we find a bunch of cavemen who kick our asses

Our Crew for this mission:
Caden O’Connor – a wee leprechaun schooled in the magical arts.
David von Drascul – a fearsome ogre of above average intelligence who wields longsword and shield
Kressk Burgak – likewise, a strong yet cunning ogre wielding a longsword
Ujinn – a warrior priest of Heralhir who dual wields blades with deadly grace
Tyrranus Hammershield – a dwarven warrior priest of Heralhir who focuses more on skill with axe and shield than religious studies

Our Adventure:
Emboldened by his previous adventure, Ujinn gathered a band to go and explore the rumours of Rubble Rock Hill in The Gilded Fields. His previous companion Tyrranus accompanied him, along with a trio of new comers: two menacing ogres and a nimble leprechaun.

Instead of heading directly into The Gilded Fields, Ujinn’s crew took a detour through the Border Woods to scout out the location for a later date. However, maybe three hours into the trip, the silence of their travel was broken by the raised battle cries of four thickset, shaggy looking men who charged towards them, spears and bucklers in hand. What was intended to be a brief side-trip had suddenly become a fight.

Ujinn and Tyrranus stepped up to confront three of the wildemen, while Kressk, Von Drascul, and O’Connor squared up against the fourth who was trying to wrap around the party. Tyrranus and Ujinn both cast spells to enhance their defence and offence respectively, but the gods appeared not to smile on Tyrranus and his casting failed. Before battle lines could close, there was a loud “thwunk”, and a bear trap, cunningly place, caught Ujinn around the – luckily armoured – leg, rooting him in place. Almost simultaneously, the three wildemen against him all released their spears from afar. One missed, a second bounced off of Ujinn’s armour, but the third found it’s mark and dealt Ujinn a terrible blow in the torso. As Ujinn collapsed from the wound, Tyrranus charged forward to stop the men advancing on his helpless companion.

Meanwhile, the fourth wildeman’s spear sailed wide of a Kressk. Kressk charged in retaliation, driving the currently unarmed wildeman back, but he was unable to land a blow. O’Connor finished the spell he had been preparing, and cast greater haste on Von Drascul, quickening the ogre to terrifying speeds. Despite the ogres’ monstrous size, and strength, and magical assistance, the wildeman they fought managed to dip dodge and weave away from them.

It was at this moment that the archers unveiled themselves, and fired at Tyrranus from behind. Taken by surprise, Tyrranus took both arrows and them a pair of spear stabs in quick succession. Outnumbered, he fought back as best he could, but was able to do no more than shatter an enemy’s shield before another well placed stab put him down. At the same time, one of the wildeman had disengaged from Tyrranus and approached Ujinn, putting another stab in to him to make sure he didn’t regain his feet.

The wildemen regrouped over the unconscious figures of both clerics, and faced off against Von Drascul, Kressk, and O’Connor. They had the numbers and the range advantage and so readied more spears before pressing their attack. Despite the odds being stacked against them, Kressk and Von Drascul engaged in the melee with vigor, and even O’Connor took a few accurate, if powerless, swings.

Arrow after arrow flew at the two ogres, and time and again wildemen spears found their marks and managed to punch through the heavy plate armour the pair wore. But still, they kept fighting. A wildemen fell, and then another. Kressk, bloodied from numerous wounds, lopped off a foe’s leg and cleft him in two. O’Connor cast an illusionary wall between the brawl and the archers, and suddenly the wildemen’s ranged support was gone.

They turned and fled from the ogres, unwilling to continue the bloodbath. Von Drascul chased one down and turned in time to see one of the two archers had dashed over to Ujinn and relieved him of his swords. Turning on his heels, he chased the archer and took a swing, missing by a hairs breadth. As he did so, his hastening ended. Von Drascul was suddenly overwhelmed with lethargy. He could not match the archer’s foot speed. As insurance for his life, the archer threw one of his looted swords to the right, and took off sprinting to the left. Kressk took out a crossbow. He aimed at the fleeing archer. Pulled the trigger. Fired. His shot sailed through the air, but it did not sail true, and the archer – along with Ujinn’s sword – was gone into the trees.

Silence returned to the woods. O’Connor set about bandaging Tyrranus, while Kressk bandaged Ujinn. The two ogres and the leprechaun then pawed over the fallen clerics’ belongings, and palmed a belonging or two. Larceny completed, Kressk and Von Drascul debated eating their two comrades, and perhaps taking their belongings for their own. O’Connor joined in the consideration but the trio eventually decided to leave the clerics alive. They roped them up, and started dragging them on towards The Gilded Plains.

When Ujinn and Tyrranus came to, the party stopped to heal wounds. Tyrranus attempted to heal Ujinn, but his deity Heralhir had other plans. Instead of healing wounds, Tyrranus’ spell magically sealed Ujinn’s body from receiving any magical healing until naturally restored. The party was forced to turn back towards town with nothing to show for it but a handful of primitive spears and a few new scars.


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