The West Marches

We were called together by the one called Jacque the rest of our party consisted of myself Thomas Jackson (T.J.) Miller, David Von Drascul, and Rona Arlyn. we assembled to head out and save the one named maria. our party moved out at a high pace making it to the tree of life in one day entering the opening in the trunk we were beset by spiders (AKA. Jacque attacked the spiders and forced a battle.) after a couple of rounds we had cleared them all and we moved on finding that with the spiders dead there were no further threats. after this we came to a door through which was a tunnel that lead to a room the heart of the tree where we found a giant mega seed which could talk to us telepathic like and it told us where maria was being kept and through the tunnels under the tree we went. we passed through into a dungeon which we mapped in its entirely before climbing through a hole into HELL. we entered a room in which we came face to face with a demon calling himself jim who offered us a deal we free him from this hell and he’d reunite us with our friend maria after much internal struggle and finding that we were surrounded and couldn’t leave von Drascul struck a slightly better deal with the foul thing and in doing so lost my respect. with this done we were allowed to leave and were reunited with maria this story ends here but at what coast did we bring this one girl back.


keataren Lup3rcal

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