The West Marches

Insider Information!

Or, A Short Stroll Around the Gilded Fields

Our Adventurers:
Ujinn – A Holy Warrior who is only now rediscovering his Honor
Caden O’Connor – A Leprechaun whose utility is dramatically outpacing his size
Maria Nightshade – A Nymph whose gentle heart doesn’t lend well to interrogation
David Von Drascul – An Ogre who recently decided to both shy away from brutality and to avoid questions about demons
Dead-Eye Mark – A hireling worshipper of Heralhir that has character, you gotta give him that.
and guest-starring
Rotgut – The goblin who prefers civilization, betrayed by his friends, the guy you love to hate and hate to love, it’s him, Rotgut

Our “Adventure,” such as it was:
Initially short-manned to explore any notable locations within the Gilded Fields, it was decided to scout the Fields for previously-undiscovered places. With hope in their hearts, Ujinn, O’Connor, and Maria set out from the Dragon’s Flagon and began a long, circuitous trek through the closest area of the Fields.

The first day passed quietly, the shining city of Timeral keeping watch over them from the horizon. They found a fantastic campsite a short distance from the borders of civilization and watched the city lights dwindle.

On the second day, a trail led them to the nest of one of the many bush monsters scattered around the Field. After dealing with it from range, the rotting corpse of a warg was found and looted for a single gem and a paltry sum. The night of the second day saw a brutal attack on Dead-Eye Mark by a giant bee – a quick skirmish against a total of three insects was begun and resolved, and Mark was saved from a venom-induced demise.

The third and fourth days passed completely without incident, although a pack of healthy wolves was spotted sometime during the day, and a pack of starving wolves was driven away at night. The diversity of the fauna in the Fields continued to impress the group.

A pack of eleven goblins sighted them on their travels through the fifth day, with them volun-telling one of their number to pay tribute or they would run back to their master. After a short dialogue in which he established himself as that generic lovable goblin rogue character, the rest of the group shot him in the back for pretty much no reason (?). However, at the same time, a human-sized winged demon formed itself out of the air, cutting off the goblin from the rest of the group. The goblins immediately fled, while their noble spokesgoblin bled out on the ground.

Casting a glance at the party, the demon immediately started to dematerialize, perhaps returning to its infernal realm. Ujinn, recognizing it as a lesser demon summoned through an unholy pact, attempted to smite it with a mighty Sunbolt, but threw it wide. O’Connor, hearing Ujinn’s intent, threw some pew-pew at the demon, which seemed strangely unaffected by the most minor of damage. A heated discussion erupted over the appearance of the demon, with Ujinn and O’Connor being, perhaps, a little aggressive in their retaliation, but Von Drascul not actually directly answering their questions. Maria seemed neutral, but professed her faith in Von Drascul.

The goblin, meanwhile, was rescued from death and carried along for the rest of the day. Near dusk, communication was reestablished. It introduced itself as Rotgut, and asked the party to bring it to the town. In return, it would give us information about Rubble Rock Keep and the forces arrayed around it.

A brief session of intense torture was initiated by Ujinn, sanctioned by O’Connor, protested by Maria, and hindered by Von Drascul. After the severance of his arm and the simultaneous dispelling of any goodwill he would have had in the future, Rotgut attempted an ineffectual defense of playing dead, that little rascal. He was quickly corrected on his extremely unfavorable circumstances, and agreed to spill the beans – less out here in the fields than he would back in town, however.

A decision was reached, and the party traveled directly back to Timeral in the morning. Rotgut was much more civil after having his arm regenerated (by the grace of Heralhir) and a property purchased for him (by the grace of Maria), and told us the following information about Rubble Rock Hill:

Fooom himself is a Hill Giant of tremendous strength standing around fourteen feet tall, wielding a gigantic iron sword and commanding his territory through the strength of his arms and the fear of death that shrouds him like a cloak. None have ever survived combat with him, and he rules from atop a throne deep within his keep atop Rubble Rock Hill.

The most potent defenses of the Keep beyond Fooom himself are the cabal of spellcasters that call it home. Only the most minor of divine servants are permitted to leave the keep, with the most skilled magicusers residing permanently within its walls. Their potent spells will surely oppose any who dare to venture within.


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