The West Marches

Hey guys, it’s me again, Richard!!
With my best bud Tyrranus Hammershield,
A distractingly gorgeous nymph Maria Nightshade,
That brute-force ogre David Von Drascul,
and T.J. Miller.

So that party right there decided that we’d go check out that hedge maze again, this time with the express purpose of defeating that fire-guy from before, who is apparently some sort of demon? Anyway, to cut (haha, get it?) a long story short (wait, i think that bit was supposed to be the meta-joke… dammit), that whole defeating the fire-guy thing? That didn’t happen. Instead we just wandered deep into the maze because, like, fire-guy had some sort of resurrection power that was sourced from somewhere in the center of the maze. We didn’t find it, and I think we didn’t even figure out what exactly the source is. Magic, man. It’s wicked.

Hold up for a second, I wrote a lot more than I was expecting here, so I’m going to break into a new paragraph. What was this about again? Umm… Right! Maze. Hedge. Cats? Cats. There were newly discovered cat/plant-things to go along with the other humanoid and amorphous plant-based maze guard… plants(?) whom I recall detailing extensively in my previous report. They appeared to have much of the same characteristics, including their heretical ability to move through the maze walls as though they were air. Unlike any of the other plant… thingies in the maze, however, these felinesques somehow managed to launch some darts, darts which allegedly applied poison to those who were unlucky enough to get hit. Then the air had started to hurt people, which I thought was a bit strange, seeing as how air usually does the opposite of that.

May the wind ever guide you,



keataren Lup3rcal

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