The West Marches

Things Changed...

Deathlands to Deadlands...

O’Connor, Trusted colleague and spellcaster
Von Drascul, The immovable mountain, and the one I consider my savior
Vinnie, The fresh blood minotaur
And myself, Maria

I don’t know what drives me, but I seek to return to that accursed place. Well, not truly accursed, but that tree…it leads to the place I had spent a full year in captivity. Alone, but not really alone. But the druids visit there often, and perhaps that being I saw on the way out, the tree’s heart? They might be able to help us understand these lands better, and in doing so, hopefully create new allies and a safer way to travel within these dreaded death lands. But when we had returned to the plains…no… I can’t call them that anymore. There is nothing. The grass are gone, the beasts are gone…life had left the land. I have no words to describe this transformation, why hadn’t the farmers bring in news of this revelation? Regardless…this is disturbing to say the least. We wandered the land for awhile. Everything seemed the same, except…empty. Nothing. There is nothing. Then we went to the only place we could think of that would still be here. The tree. But it was not the same, it did not disappear like the grass and animals. No, it stood there, a symbol of what these plains used to be, withered and dead. Not a single leaf on the tree, not a single animal in sight. And within, the heart is gone. Evidence suggest it’s vines or “veins” were cut off from the tree, and somehow was taken away from this place. We won’t get answers here, at least, not with the small party we have. I have no desire to return down there. Instead, O’connor suggested the water temple up towards the north. The trek there was strangely…peaceful. Yet danger still lurked. we encountered 7 wyrms as we watched them cross the river. We maintained a safe distance as they made their pass. Then the night afterwards, 700 hundred of them, maybe even 1000…Dragonflies, the only thing coming close to being as dreadful as wyrms…and it was an entire armada of them! no doubt, we kept our distance, and made it to the temple unscathed. We found nothing at the temple. Well, not me anyways, perhaps the others found something, but if they did, they didn’t speak of it. But the hole outside, the hole the druids used. Life was growing out of it. Saplings of trees, plants within the tunnels. Perhaps…it was the druids who had cut the trees heart? and moved it somewhere else. That is only a guess on my part though. We camped the night at the temple, and the next day we made our way home. We saw slaying mantis on our way back, 2 groups of them. One at night and one during the day. I managed to hunt down 1 of them from the night group. During the day, there were 8 and total, and 8 we slain. Once they saw us, they fled. They feared us, well, maybe they feared Von Drascul and the new guy Vinnie, 2 towering giants with huge weapons. O’connor and I had to shoot them down from the air as they fled. Least this trip we won’t come home empty handed. This was certainly the trip I had never expected…but none of my trips ever since I came to the west ever were. We made a pretty penny, giving the new guy a bit more for his first delve into the lands. Money is one of the least concerns we should be having now. I have so many questions. That is the one thing that has always been certain when stepping forth into the west, we will always have more questions. This might be one I don’t want the answer to, but curious I am. After all, these questions are the primary reasons why I still subject myself to this. Well, that, and the companionship I have formed with some of the other adventurers. As if I wouldn’t support them in their own delves, especially the ones that have saved my life.


keataren Lup3rcal

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