Caden O'Connor

Leprechaun Wizard


Contained herein is the Last Will and Testament of Caden O’Connor, Wizard of Some Renown.

I, Caden O’Connor, being of sound mind and will the likes of which this world will never see again, declare this document to be my Will, and I revoke any and all wills and agreements I had previously made.

In the case that my body is recovered from its demise in the terrible Western Territories, I wish to be resurrected. If my liquid funds, supplemented by The Guild, are not sufficient for this purpose, I wish certain items from my person or property to be sold to make up the difference. I trust my fellow adventurers to choose the best options to sell out of the following:

  • My Salamander Amulet, valued at $4,920
  • My trusty “flying carpet” helmet; a Fine, Lighten 1, Fortify 2, Medium Pot Helm, valued at $5,300
  • My Serpent’s Amulet, valued at $9,590
  • A ring of Resist Water, valued at $10,200
  • My Magical Anklet of Perfect Balance, valued at $15,000
    The previous items are all found on my person; if my body was returned to the city stripped of possessions, I wish for my collection of alchemical potions and spellstones to be sold for the difference instead [list not inserted here].

If my body was not returned to the fair City of Timeral, was returned destroyed beyond resurrection, was unable to be resurrected, or is otherwise unrecoverable, I hereby will The Guild to inherit all items found on my Estate and my body, and all liquid cash I own, with several exceptions:

  • My Flight Potion and Spellstone goes to Ujinn, so that he might feel the wind at his back
  • My Spellstone of Memorize and my two potions of Wisdom go to Richard, so that he might clear the fog that occasionally muddles his mind.
  • My extensive array of camouflage and stealth equipment goes to The Gob Squad, so that they might better do whatever they do better
  • My hugging Gnome, if it exists, will be mounted near the entrance of The Guild, to ensure all who enter know of our hospitality and goodwill
  • My Gem of Power and Amulet of Warding, mementos from the necromancer dragon, I would ask to be mounted in The Guild’s hall forevermore.

Caden O'Connor

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